Large Form Inventory

    • Hydro-Arch stocks an enormous inventory of reusable steel arch and walls forms. This large inventory allows us to build multiple projects simultaneously, or provide up to several hundred linear feet of form on one project. We understand that time is money, and the more form we provide, the faster your project can be completed.

Shorter Cure Time

    • Due to the shape of the arch and the shotcrete material used, most arch culverts can have the forms removed within 24 hours or less. If job specifications require longer cure time, our large form inventory enables us to continue building in the meantime.

Rapid Construction Process

    • Using single-side forming, shotcrete concrete placement and a vast form inventory, we are able to quickly produce cast-in-place arches faster than most precast box culverts. It is not uncommon for Hydro-Arch to place 300 to 600 linear feet of 16 x 8 arch culvert per week.

Streamline Design Build Process