Kern County NASCAR

Hydro-Arch designed and built the access tunnel for the very first NASCAR facility in Kern County, California in the city of Bakersfield. As a short track, it extends a little more than 2/3 of a mile while banking an extraordinary 14 degrees, one of the most severe in Nascar. The tunnel is 220’ long, 24’ wide and 13.25’ tall. It provides access for vehicles and pedestrians to the center of the track and pit row.

Due to severe time constraints, the tunnel was initially viewed as a frustration by the general contractors until they were contacted by Hydro-Arch. Hydro-Arch’s structural engineer ES2 was able to provide an approved design within 30 days of the Notice to Proceed. After final grading preparation, the tunnel was completed ahead of schedule and in less than six weeks with resounding compliments and approval from the general contractor & owners.


Bakersfield, CA


The Destefani Family

Civil Engineer:

Summit Engineering

Structural Engineer:


General Contractor:

M.S. Walker & Associates, Inc.

Governing Agency:

Kern County, CA


220 LF 24’ x 13.25’
Pedestrian Tunnel
With Light channel